Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why Should I Schedule a Town Day?

A person cannot be in two places at once. If you're not at home then the home things do not get done. The dust, dishes and laundry pile up. The home schooling is haphazard. Projects stay in the "someday" state.
Once upon a time…
a couple of weeks ago,
for some reason, or several, we had a week in which we were gone nearly every day. And to top it off, I needed to do a Costco run and as the week slipped away it came to Friday. In case you were living under a rock, Friday and Saturday are the worst times during the week to go to Costco. Especially if it is the only one in Southern Idaho and people come out of the desert and down from the mountains to fill up their carts for a week or month. Which is also what I like to do but prefer a weekday. Back to the crazy week of running, it flew by and left the house a mess. Dust, dishes, laundry, paper piles, a dirty kitchen, just ick. I entered the weekend tired and looking for relief. Not happening. More events and Sunday… I found myself longing for "Monday—Laundry Day" and my weekly routine.
You see, even if you don't live far from town and are without the option of just "running to get" this or that, it is still the best use of time to plan to do all the errands at once. It saves you time, money, gas, and keeps the home life preserved.
I know it's unavoidable when scheduling multiple children but it really helps to aim that way. Try to get all the dental appointments done on the same day within the same hours by multiple hygienists. Really, trust me. And don't forget your Kindle.


  1. Very true! I appreciate your blog and have had your book for years. Great advice!

  2. I agree! I've used Tuesdays as my errand day for years. I drop off a child at a class and have two hours to shop 2 or 3 grocery stores before needing to pick up child and head home. We're only 20 minutes from town, but stacking up the errands saves driving time!

  3. I just read your book. It gave me hope :)


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