Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paper Monster and Paper Gift

The Paper Monster always looks more intimidating than it is. It's a bit like painting or washing windows in that it takes more mental effort to gather the supplies and start doing it than actually doing the task.

I like to put on music. Pull up a trash can, get out the bill paying tools (checkbook, envelopes, stamps), and get going. If it looks like the chore will take a looooonnnnnngggg time then I love to use a timer. Work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break.

Today, I am motivated to work hard and fast because I am going to make one of these when I am done! Go look at Joy-in-a-Box!

 I have someone in mind to give it to but I also think it would be good to have one ready-made and waiting for when I discover a person in need but lacking the time or money or energy or what have you to put it together.

A long long time ago I put something quite similar together for someone in a hard spot. I had no idea how it would go over. I was actually a little afraid. I think there is that risk in giving. But the recipient told me that it was the most thoughtful gift she'd ever received. I was shocked. Gifts is not my natural "love language".  I had been praying for this person. I can only think that it was the work of the Holy Spirit in guiding me to do it and what to put into it.

 I get excited about ideas to change the world, I love to read or hear about mission work of any type, I look around and see the immediate mission field of my children.  Putting together Joy-in-a-Box is something I can do in the here and now, with the help of my children, to be a blessing to someone.
Will you make one for someone?
Or maybe you have a similar idea to share?
Or do you have an experience of getting something similar or perhaps a time when you gave?


  1. Have you seen Giver's Log's 13 Ounces or Less?

    I am all over that!!!! I mean, really! How cool to get a flip-flop or a plastic Easter egg in the mail because...I just love you and thought of you today!

    My kids have had a blast with her blog, and we love to gift college students and the older people in our congregation with these fun mail items.

  2. I love what you said about your children being your immediate mission field! How true yet how few people see it that way.


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