Monday, April 7, 2014

Make a Laundry Protocol Poster

Making a poster for your laundry room will help your family know how to use the equipment and wash specific loads. They can all pitch in with the work and learn essential life skills. Creating a guideline will save you steps and time in instructing.

First, make sure that you are properly running your equipment. Get out the manual and learn more about your machine and how it can wash your specific loads better. Give thought to your detergent and how it is cleaning your laundry. Read the box and learn how much to use for the specific loads. Be sure you are sorting the laundry correctly. You have to know what you are doing before teaching someone else.

Plan an order of events for your instructional poster. Collect, sort, load, soap, etc. This will be particular according to your family's machines and laundry. Perhaps you want to wash specific things on specific days and assign it to a specific person? I.e. linens on Fridays, towels on Thursdays, Tuesday-Girls' Laundry.

Now, plan your poster on paper for a rough draft. Write simple so that those in a hurry can glance at it and do the step. Don't be too fancy with your scripts, this isn't an artistic decoration for your laundry room. This is a do it and do it right instructional poster.

Put your rough draft ideas onto your poster board. Use bright markers to differentiate loads. Perhaps use cut out pictures or clip art for the beginning reader.

Hang the poster. Call your family. Read through it together. Ask for questions.

Do some practice runs together referring to the poster.

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