Monday, March 31, 2014

The Washerwoman, That’s You Mama

Family and friends will confirm that laundry is not my favorite thing to do. I’d rather wash dishes or weed the garden or mop the floor. What I’d really like to do is read a book. For a lot of years my strategy was to fold clothes for a certain amount of time or fold one basket and then read a chapter. Yes, I bribe myself. I also reward myself with chocolate.

Here are a couple of other things I do on Laundry Day.

  • Make a commitment to the laundry. Act as if you are one with the washer and dryer. Think about it a minute: Do you want to wash your family’s laundry in a creek? Or stir a big pot of washing over a fire? Nah, the washer and dryer are really good friends to be with for a day. Commit the day to being with your “friends”.
  • Start early! As soon as you open your eyes and realize that it’s Monday Laundry Day jump up and start a load. Sometimes I start the night before. I put a load in the washer that I’m not afraid will grow stinky overnight.
  • Use the timer on your machines. If the machines are too far from your other work areas and don’t allow you to hear the buzzer then carry a kitchen timer with you. Change the loads as soon as you hear the signal.
  • Make a goal for the day—x amount of loads.
  • Involve the children. They can sort, take a turn changing the loads, and they can all fold and put away laundry. Little ones can carry a dishpan of laundry to a location.

What works at your house?


  1. We have been working on our laundry day :)!!!

  2. I have the kids all drag their laundry baskets to the laundry room and we sort it together. Then I want to get all of that off the floor before supper. (I'll bring down a couple of extra loads of washing from the rest of the house or bedding, but only enough that it will be all off the floor by supper prep.)

  3. My wash day is Monday, like yours, but I only wash for 3 people: my husband, myself, and the 7yo. My other 4 children wash their own clothes on a separate day of the week, never Monday. I'm planning to instruct the 7yo how to wash her own clothes this summer. This way, I hope she will stop throwing clothes she's worn for 1 hour into her hamper!


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