Friday, November 22, 2013

Moving and making a house into a home

In October we moved to Idaho. I never ever dreamed that I would live in Idaho.
Why are we in Idaho? Wheat. 
Wait. Don't they grow potatoes in Idaho? Yes. We were fascinated to watch potatoes and beets being harvested the weeks after our move. That was new for us! 
Corn is grown in Iowa. Not potatoes. Potatoes are grown in Idaho

Matt has always worked in corn research, now he's working in wheat research. Not potato research, even though we're in Idaho. There really isn't a huge amount of wheat grown in Idaho but Idaho is centrally located in the west so the research station he works at is in Idaho. 

A couple of years ago I discovered that I am gluten sensitive so this wheat research is fascinating to me also.

Our oldest sons are still on our farm in Iowa. Brandt is managing the farm with his wife Ainsley. They are so adorable.

Brock is a full time student along with helping Brandt on the farm. Such a handsome fellow.

The other seven are with us in Idaho. They keep me laughing all day long. 

Bridgette is planning to study Ag Business at the College of Southern Idaho next semester. Currently she's helping out turning this house into a home, brushing up on math, and looking for a part time job. 
That leaves six in our homeschool. They do the usual of quickly getting it done in the morning so they can do what is more interesting in the afternoon. Matthew, our littlest guy, is quickly showing me he knows a lot of things I didn't know that he knows and I think he will be reading before we know it.

The house we moved to is configured differently enough from our Iowa home that we have had to change our home lifestyle. We've been here six weeks but are still working on making this house a home. We're still working on discovering where to buy what in our new town. Gardening will certainly be different moving from the humid midwest to an irrigated desert. Thus, the blog. I feel as though I am relearning some things simply because my setting is very different. We're having fun and we'll share our fun and what we're learning here.


  1. so glad you are back to blogging. youve been missed! God bless, trish aldrich

  2. I also enjoy your blog! Your book really blesses me over and over and is a great resource I recommend all the time! Have fun getting settled!

  3. Oh, Kim! So glad to hear from you again!

    May God truly bless your time in Idaho.

    In Him

    Meredith in Australia

  4. So glad to see you're blogging again. I've followed your blog for many years, and it has been a blessing. Welcome to Idaho, the best place to raise a family! Amy

  5. YEAH!!! So good to "hear" from you again!

    Idaho..with you and Mary Ostyn there, I am wishing we still lived back in Montana! It's so very gorgeous there, isn't it?

    I am sad that your old blog has no more posts on it...I still read it weekly and directed people to your posts there.

    But mostly I came on to say...Hurrah!!!! for you posting again!

  6. Seriously? Welcome to Idaho! We have been here 8 years now and it has become home.

  7. Love your book! I have read it several times. I live in Southeast Idaho here on our farm. Welcome to Idaho!


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