Monday, November 14, 2011

Small Habits

It was timely for me to find a book of quotes and notes when I was cleaning the schoolroom shelves. The first thing I read about concerned small habits. Small meaning the little things of the day done on a routine basis. I.e.  Every day we drink water. What do we drink water from? Glass, plastic, something else? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Do you add lemon to the water? Do you make a pitcher of water in the morning? Get it from you refrigerator dispenser? Do you keep your water glass in a special place so that you don't lose it or mix it with someone else's water glass? On and on.

We have little habits that we don't think about until it is brought to our attention. Either willfully or not.
I.e. My favorite glass gets broken. I make a gallon pitcher of lemon water for my health.

One thing I need to work on is my morning routine. I had a crazy-busy year and a lot of my old habits fell off in my rushing around. I became severely allergic to one of my "vita-pills" but didn't know which one so I stopped taking all of them. Which led to starting to feel poorly. Which led to being tired and short-tempered in addition to being crazy-busy.

Last winter my little children loved to have drop of a calming essential oil rubbed into their neck and shoulders last thing before sleep. The bottle ran out about the same time that life got crazy-busy and we lost a very special small habit. Now, all these months later, I ordered another bottle but need to take it up to the bedrooms and make it a small habit again.

In the past, I have laid out my morning routine very clearly on a notecard. In my bathroom I laid out my order of events in a line. I.e. Toothpaste, cleanser, contacts, moisturizer, mascara, earrings, etc. When I go down to the kitchen I had a routine with my supplements laid out in a line and a cup of warm water, etc. These are small habits that make the day easier and enriches my life by keeping me healthy and put together. I need to fix my small daily routines.

Making these small habits beautiful is the next step. By choosing a pretty glass or something that you like to look at, feel in your hand, and drink from adds a little layer of pleasure. Taking a big drink while looking out a certain window at a lovely view is another dimension. While looking at that view and thanking God for the day is another layer of goodness. These are small minute habits that add order, structure, and enrichment to our lives. Small habits impact the whole of life.

Take this same idea to other parts of the day that occur in and out. Such as: a routine of small enriching habits that you create for the time before your husband comes home and then another for when he walks in the door. Another for putting the children to bed. And then yourself. They become so ingrained that even when life becomes crazy-busy it takes a lot of erosion for them to fall apart.

Even if you think you are footloose and a free spirit you still have habits every day. You wake up in the morning, your children wake up, your family eats, your husband comes home, your children go to bed, you go to bed. You have habits. What are they? Are they beneficial to you and your family? I think the good habits that we've had in the past and fell into sloppy have been detrimental to my family. It is going to take effort to get beautiful habits going again. One little step at a time.

Be thoughtful and deliberate. Enrich the life of yourself and your family by making your small habits enjoyable and enriching for everyone.


  1. Ooh, looks like you have nasty troll (commenter #1) on your blog.

    But your POST!!! Excellent again. It does so help to have those habits in place. Thank you for the reminder.

    I love it, love it, love it when you post. I know I always say that, but it's always true.

  2. Great thoughts! Thank you!!

  3. I love the way you write and your honesty in writing. This info about creating small habits was really helpful to me! I always thought I was somewhat dumb because I have to write down the simplest things just to get my lazy self to do them and remember them, but it is really smart when you think about it. :)


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