Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Living Healthy

Being a mom is hard on the body. Carrying babies inside and out. Bending over to pick up children. Carrying laundry baskets. Standing at the stove and the sink. On one hand doing all these things keeps us moving and that keeps us young! On the other hand, doing these things improperly or with a stiff-just-got-out-of-bed body can do damage. For the past several years I have been a big fan of T-Tapp. I'm not a superstar with it. I have months that I'm consistent and feeling great... and then I'll have six months of doing nothing because life sped up for a season. It's a habit like anything else.

What works best for me is to do it right away in the morning then take a shower. Last winter Matt and I were up very early every morning (he leaves for work at 6:30) and did the Total Workout together. We started with the Instructionals, then the Beginner Rehab, then onto the Tempo because it's faster with less water breaks (although I really do love the built-in water breaks). But when April hit, it was all over. I didn't do any exercises again until about a month ago. From April through October I slowly felt worse and more stiff and sore. Not that I wasn't active. Good grief... housework, yardwork, dairywork, hoisting tents and coolers for farmer's markets. BUT I was slowly losing core strength.

I was also gaining weight and experiencing bloating and puffiness but that's another story for another day.

Life slowed down drastically when we dried off the goats for the winter and stopped making cheese and going to farmer's markets. One of the things on my list to reinstate after cheesemaking season was to do T-Tapp again. I started with the Instructionals to relearn the moves. Form is everything in T-Tapp, you're not just flopping around. Then I moved onto the Beginner Rehab and ordered the Ladybug Workout. You can't order that one until you already have the Total Workout because it builds on the moves done in the Total Workout. The Ladybug Workout has a floor segment that targets the area between the ribs and hips. That is my weak area for weight gain. I have slowly began to look like a ladybug the last couple of years so when I learned about this workout I knew it was for me. Who wants to look like a ladybug? After nine children I don't anticipate looking like a twenty-year-old again but please not a ladybug!  And I really hate standing in my closet looking at clothes that I like but can't wear because I'm starting to look like a ladybug! The Ladybug Workout came and I did it every day faithfully for a week so that I would learn the moves. We don't own a scale and I didn't take any measurements but I can feel that my clothes are getting looser.

And my five year old tells me that I'm not as fat when she hugs me. What a nice thing to hear.

I've been doing the Ladybug Workout daily to learn the new form techniques but on the forums they say that you don't need to workout every day and that you actually lose more inches by not because it gives your body a break. I'm no exercise scientist, just a pragmatic person. I actually prefer to exercise daily because I  like strong habits so I think my key is then to use variety. I have the Step Away The Inches DVD but haven't done it for a couple of years. Now that I have the Ladybug in my brain I think I'll rotate Step Away the Inches in and do Tempo once or twice a week. I really like some of the exercises on that DVD that aren't on the Ladybug Workout.

Can't not mention Charlotte Siems, a mom of 12, who lost a whole lot of weight doing T-Tapp. She's so inspiring! I love reading her blog.

And if you haven't ever done skin brushing you should! It makes the skin feel so soft and supple, it tightens it, and I can feel the lymph start pumping when I do it. It is a strange feeling but good! Apparently it flushes toxins from the body including cellulite and stubborn fat.


  1. Oh, I so much need to start exercising again. I love the idea of T-tapp, but have no way of affording to actually buy it, so I have only tried the free exercise from the site. I have given birth to my 7th baby (at age 40) 6 months ago and I am terribly out of shape. If I don't start now, I probably never will. I truly hope that one day I can have access to a full exercise DVD of Teresa's. Meanwhile I should start the free ones again and maybe combine with a very old tape of Pilates I have. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Kim

    Gotta love tactful 5-year-olds! Bless him/her.

    In Him


  3. Good for you. But the links don't seem to work for me...

  4. I just had my seventh baby three months ago. The pounds are just not coming off like they used to now that I'm in my 30's. He is 3 months old now and I started T-tapp just over a week ago after remembering hearing about it from you and several other MOMYS over the years. I'm already noticing a difference!

  5. I love, love, love TTapp. Can't beat the quick results for busy moms!

    I just started the skin brushing about 6 weeks ago and I am hooked. It also helps with PMS.
    I also started taking alfalfa as she recommends. It's so good for you. Bye, bye PMS!

    Every third Tuesday of the month, Teresa Tapp does Deep Discount Tuesday where she pretty much slashes the prices in half on certain items. She also has regular deals all the time. She really wants people to be able to afford the workouts. She's very generous.

  6. Haven't done T-Tapp in years. I wonder if my VHS tapes will still play? Maybe I should update to DVD. It really worked at the time.

  7. Just ran across your site from another link -- maybe from Organizing Junkie (isn't how it seems to work!?). I'm an Iowa native (currently living in Stillwater, OK) and fellow homeschooler. My brood is much smaller (10, 7, 4, and 20 months). Anyway, thought it was funny you mentioned Charlotte . . . she is as wonderful in person as she is on her blog (if you haven't met her in person). She's also from Stillwater and is part of our homeschooling community. We always gleam wisdom when she shares at our "mom retreats" and such. Anyway, thanks for sharing . . . blessings to you and keep sharping those arrows! :o)


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