Monday, January 24, 2011

Moving On

It says up there in the title that a bit of craziness will be thrown in therefore I should stop this cow series because it will continue on to the smoldering manure story which will lead on to something else and so on until we get to the crazy story that happens today.

Instead, I will tell you that I have one crazy intense day of coordinating people here and there all day long and a big thing that I need to do today, can't put it off at all, and how I have been preparing for this day and how I am going to get through this day.

One word.


Pray. Pray. Pray.

The world will not come to a complete stop if all this coordinating and the big thing do not get done.


  1. I am RIGHT there with you today!! Praying too! :)

  2. I read your blog through Google Reader and have been LOVING the posts about your cow and milk.

    I just wanted to break out of lurkdom to share that with you.


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